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If you are interested in checking Donna’s availability for your next conference or workshop, you’ve come to the right place. Use this page to ask questions, comment on a post made on social media, or let us know how my internet radio show is being a blessing to you. 

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You’ve considered other speakers and now you’ve decided you want a power-filled presenter who will CHALLENGE your music ministry, INSPIRE your church leaders, and EMPOWER your women’s ministry to walk in their kingdom assignment.

With 35-plus years serving in Christian ministry as Minister of Music, Worship Leader, Women’s Conference Speaker, and  Contributing Writer, Donna is the presenter your event needs.  She will deliver a wealth of practical experience in ministry, share personal stories that will uplift, and  help you apply what has been presented.

Complete the below form and let us take your ministry involvement to the next level.  To view Donna’s Bio, click here.

To inquire about Donna’s availability please send an email to or call (469) 556-9523.
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