What Is A Worship Intensive?

A Worship Intensive is a short, but power-packed workshop specially designed to meet the needs of your church or Christian ministry in the areas of praise and worship.   No two Intensives are the same; churches are different, so the needs of each ministry will be different.   When you schedule a Worship Intensive you can be certain that the topic(s) covered will address the spiritual growth concerns of your congregation.

Our Top Ten Most Requested Workshops:

  1. The Universality of Praise & Worship – This seminar will explore the biblical mandate that every believer carries to worship God.
  2. Taking Your Worship Experience To the Next Level – In this seminar you will learn how to go deeper into your public and private worship experiences.
  3. Praise & Worship in Spiritual Warfare – Spiritual warfare is real.  Learn to use praise and worship as weapons in the battle.
  4. Church Leaders Who Worship – In this seminar we will learn why ministry leaders can serve more effectively when they make worship a personal priority.
  5. Why Is It Important to Keep Worship Priority in Your Church? – When Jesus is the main attraction in your church the atmosphere is set for unity, compassion, and loving fellowship among your congregation.
  6. The Call To Worship Revisited – We will take a closer look at getting past the “art” of worship, and get to the “heart” of it.
  7. Praise and Worship God’s Way – Here we share together about the role the Trinity plays in biblical praise and worship, and the three important aspects of congregational worship.
  8. Getting More From Your Personal Bible Study – Has your personal study of scripture become mundane?  This seminar will show you how to move your study time from mundane to exciting!
  9. How Can I Explore God Through Praise and Worship? – In this seminar we will look closely at the origin of biblical worship, and the Levitical procession into worship and into battle.
  10. A Servant’s Call To Worship – This seminar will look at why the call to worship really isn’t from the side of earth, but from heaven.