Sample Teaching Outlines

At Worship Leadership Consultants we love bringing you worship workshops.  We are always happy to come and help train and develop your team in worship ministry.  The sample original outlines found on this page can be used in your team rehearsals, small group Bible studies, or Sunday School.  Various resources have been used, and these are not all inclusive study guides; they are teaching resources to aid you in your own personal spiritual growth, and that of your church.  It is our hope that you will build on them as it pertains to your own unique learning needs.

Sample Teaching Outlines:

Sample Outline – Purpose of Congregational Worship

Sample Outline – Spiritual Warfare

Sample Outline – Exploring God Through Praise & Worship

Sample Outline – The Universality of Praise & Worship, Pt. 2

Sample Outline – The Universality of Praise & Worship